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ice cream is not for breakfast

feeding your kids without losing your mind

Live, learn…have your groceries delivered?


Here’s something new to cross off the mental list I like to call, ‘Things I will never do once I have kids.”

Nuke frozen pancakes because adding water to pre-mixed dry batter seems like too much work

Let my kids watch hours of inane television so I can get stuff done

Let a 3-year-old drink five Danimals in a row because she really, really likes them

For today, drum roll please, we can add…

Have groceries delivered to avoid shopping with small children

It’s true. Peapod came to my neighborhood with a free delivery coupon in hand and now I’m a reluctant convert.

Sure, I had all those romantic notions of using trips to the grocery store to teach my children the joys of selecting and eating fresh food, all the while imparting useful school-readiness skills.

“Look at the beautiful dark green kale, the ripe red tomatoes! Now let’s find something in the shape of a triangle!”

And I must say my kids are usually pretty good at the store. I can definitely do a week’s worth of shopping with all three in tow. No throwing themselves down in the middle of the aisle because I won’t buy them Count Chocula. (Well, not every time.)
But compare that to sitting down to the computer with a hot cup of coffee, paging through virtual aisles while the house is quiet, checking my running total, printing off recipes while I shop. Heaven. And presto chango the groceries magically appeared right at my front door early last Friday morning.

I had a fresh whole chicken stuffed with lemon and thyme roasting in the oven by noon, I kid you not.
What do you think? Am I depriving my kids of some critical character building exercise? Not worth the delivery charge? Is there something lost by not eyeballing the eye round yourself?

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