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A Cheerios lunch at 15


Adding my oar to this boat, but from an older parent’s point of view.

My days of worrying about solid food for my chicks is long past, but I struggle these days with providing a nutritional lunch for my youngest, a high-school sophomore.

Up to about a month ago, she would only eat processed foods, trading away or tossing much of what I would pack her for lunch. Now she wants something less junk-foody so I’m cutting up carrots for her.

She isn’t a big celery eater, loathes yogurt and has braces, so popcorn is out. Any advice on other relatively nutritious snacks would be appreciated as my imagination has gone on vacation. At her age, anything she doesn’t like doesn’t end up being eaten.

This is a kid who won’t eat sandwiches because they get squished in her backpack. She’s 15 and still eating Cheerios for her main afternoon meal. Help!

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