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ice cream is not for breakfast

feeding your kids without losing your mind

That 5lb. bag of potatoes won’t cook itself…


So we decided to make a dent in our potato bounty Saturday night by making our own homemade potato chips.

Another great idea from our 6-year-old, a budding chef.

He carefully peeled the potatoes while I sliced and shallow pan-fried. (I had him hold the potatoes with his hand in a thick kitchen towel so if he slipped he wouldn’t peel himself.) Our 4-year-old got the round ends of the potatoes and a butter knife to work on her own cutting project. We bribed the 17-month-old with a Dum Dum lollipop to steer clear of the stove.

We’ve discovered the baby will do ANYTHING for a Dum Dum, which is great, since she never liked a pacifer and generally soothes herself by velcro-ing her body to me or my husband. I gave her one recently while the 4-year-old had her yearly doctor’s visit, to which my pediatrician said something along the lines of, “It’s amazing what you’ll give the third that you never would give your first.” Too true. (Hey, was she trying to tell me something? Good thing she didn’t see the chocolate chip cookie she had for breakfast — just joking!)

Back to the chips. They were so good we had to make them again last night. And clean up wasn’t bad at all. (Potato peelings are infinitely more manageable than the usual baking aftermath, which in my house is a thick coating of flour and sugar on the kitchen floor.)

Here’s a shot of our handiwork:


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