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Ratatouille is not just a movie


In the interest of saving money, I usually buy my produce at the “not our best but still fine” kiosk that lurks back by the fish department in my local supermarket.tjndc5-5b5ed3f1hc1xj04kezi_original-2-2.jpg

I picked up a package of two small eggplant last week just on spec, then began looking through my cookbooks for recipes.

I found one for ratatouille and figured I’d give it a try and see if my vegetable-impaired youngest would eat it. I had no concerns about the oldest, who has broadened her tastes so much that she puts pesto in the tuna salad. Who’d have thought?

The dish completed, I put in on the table along with the pork loin, potatoes and salad that I planned for the meal. Would she eat it?

Well, she took a small piece. And I believe she dipped a fork in it and licked the fork. I didn’t see it, mind, but I have my illusions.

We did discuss the dish, though, since I asked the girls if they knew what ratatouille was. They both told me that it was a vegetable dish from the south of France and that, yes, they actually made and served it in the movie of the same name (I still haven’t seen it).

But eat it? Three diners out of four isn’t a bad score, I guess (me, my husband and the oldest). Maybe we’ll do better with water and chocolate.

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