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Shopping for the “good” plastic


Following Amy’s post: “Are plastic bottles really dangerous?” I felt compelled to rush out and buy Born Free drinking cups for Zyla. She had been drinking the Avent botbaby-bottles.jpgtles for the past six months. Time for some spring cleaning and a change from bottle to cup since she is already 13 months, I thought. Fortunately, she took to the cup immediately, with nary a spill.

I found Born Free at Babies ‘R’ Us and was lucky to purchase the last drinking cup. All the baby bottles were sold out and there was one training cup left. I guess the scare caught on. This shopper started asking me how do you know which are the “bad” plastics. I told her look for the number 7 in the recycling triangle.

After reading about the possible dangers of bisphenol-A, I frantically started looking for that triangle under everything and found my Poland Spring bottle graced with a #1—phew! But Zyla’s Gerber Graduates, those ravioli and chicken stew meals I resort to when I’m feeling lazy—and which she never resists—all carry the #7—darn!

I admit I feel like one of those consumers swayed by the media and just maybe this is all a conspiracy brought on by Born Free. But I guess like most, I say, better safe than sorry. My husband laughed when I told him about the plastic scare. He said: “Do you think the plastic bottles we were drinking out of in the 70s were harmless?”

I really don’t know the answer and if we were to come down with some illness, could I attribute it to the use of plastics? Definitely not. And I’m sure in the coming years, there will be controversy over drinking out of any plastic material, Born Free or not. But I say if you’ve got the $10.99 to spare now, go with the hype.

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