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Everybody loves a carnival …


The Carnival of Family Life has posted, this week over at Diary of 1 (Seeking wisdom … washing dishes).

This week’s entry from your humble blog is “Are plastic baby bottles really dangerous?” That was my post from last week wherein I tried to make sense out of all the hoopla on Bisphenol A and how baby bottles made from polycarbonate plastic are evil incarnate.

Diary of 1 decided to make this week’s carnival more of a tea party, hoping that it would make folks feel as if they’re sitting down with some good friends for a nice cuppa. She weaved all sorts of info on the history of tea and some tea-related quotes into the presentation. A nice touch.

If you have no idea what a blog carnival is or want to know more about this particular blog carnival, check out this post on the Carnival of Family Life’s home blog, Colloquium.

And a reminder: I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Family Life on May 19!

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