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A pretty little baby cooker


Apparently there’s this new appliance now available stateside from Europe that is all the rage. It’s called the Babycook by Beaba, a French-made steamer, blender, defroster and reheater in one.

It looks like a food processor but much smaller and is considered ideal for making food for babies ages 6 to 24 months. You can steam vegetables and meats in less than 15 minutes and then puree them to your child’s desired consistency.

When I saw it in a catalog, I considered purchasing one and then I looked at the $139.95 pricetag and thought otherwise.

It’s nice to have compact units for baby that in theory are supposed to make things easier and less messy. But when I think about the gadgets I purchased when Zyla was first born—a baby bottle warmer and a Diaper Genie—now stored away in the basement, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I remember before she was born, I was frantically searching for the right, changing table until my husband said what happened to changing dirty diapers on the bed, couch or floor. I got a changing pad instead.

It’s just as easy to steam vegetables in a pot and defrost in the microwave. But I guess it’s not as pretty!!!

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