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Herb curious


Last night we ate pollo saltado, which translated to English means jumping chicken. It’s a Peruvian dish that in this variation included slices of chicken, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers and parsley topped off with French fries.

I made Zyla a little plate and she loved it, especially the french fries. I already have to bribe her, allowing one small bite of a fry for every bite of chicken. Oh the fun we are in for!!!

Anyway, the dish had a lot of parsley in it and after Zyla, 13 months,tjndc5-5b20amzshcg1hbozfk3i_thumbnail.jpg managed to get some in her mouth, not to mention her cheeks and neck, I started thinking about the benefits of this herb.

Parsley apparently is an anti-oxidant, increases saline secretion and improves digestive activity. Sounds all good, but last night Zyla refused to go to sleep, pitching a major crying fit which subsided after we took her out of bed and allowed her to play for another 20 minutes. Maybe she wasn’t tired just then, I thought.

After she did go to sleep, she woke up about two hours later, again hysterical, lasting maybe 5 minutes. It was curious to us because ever since Zyla was 3 months old, she has slept through the night, rarely ever waking before the sun.

I wondered today if it had anything to do with the parsley she ate. I don’t know why I’m eyeballing the parsley as the culprit and not the onions or sweet peppers. Maybe it had nothing to do with food. She wasn’t gassy or any other issues you get from indigestion.

Herbs can be powerful, so I guess that may be why I’m fixating on it. Anyone have any thoughts on feeding baby herbs?

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