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American Academy of Pediatrics updates review of soy formula


Most moms I know have at least heard in passing the concerns over the safety of soy-based infant formulas, that phytoestrogens may cause thyroid issues or interfere with proper reproductive growth.

A new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics concludes there is no evidence of any harm, which should be of comfort to the many users of soy formula, now a full 20 percent of the American formula market, but moms might be surprised to know that the academy again reiterated that when it comes to formula, soy has no advantage over cow’s milk-based product, not even for colicky babies.

The only cases where they recommend soy over regular is for the “feeding of infants with galactosemia and hereditary lactase deficiency, which is rare, and in situations in which a vegetarian diet is preferred.”

For infants with a documented cow’s milk protein allergy, they recommend an extensively hydrolyzed protein formula since 10% to 14% of these infants will also have soy protein allergy.

What do you think? Moms who chose soy, why did you feel it was a better choice?

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