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ice cream is not for breakfast

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We have two snackers. Markus is pretty much always hungry and Rafael you sort of have to chase around to get food into his skinny little body.

So we pretty much always have something for the smitchiks to eat in the car. When Rafael actually says he’s hungry, we go with it and give him something to eat. Usually it’s Cheerios and apple juice or milk (the juice box-type containers that don’t have to be refrigerated).

We also stop by the bagel store on the way out — Rafael’s charmed the ladies who work there and loves nothing more than to eat a plain bagel with nothing on it. Markus has followed suit, naturally.

This post the other day on Super Healthy Kids made me think about how we prepare for trips in the car, both the short (a trip to the park or the supermarket) and the long (to Grandpa Bernardo’s in Pennsylvania or Grandma Jane’s in upstate NY).

I’m pretty much opposed to the “fruit snacks” that are variations on the gummi bear. I mean, those are basically candy.

We’re kind of big on the pretzel Goldfish crackers. See, Curious George one day was dividing up his remaining fish crackers between himself his friend Mr. Quint and Mr. Quint’s siblings (they’re quintuplets, thus the name). Ever since then, “fish crackers” have been quite popular. He’s tried most of the varieties, but he seems to like the pretzel ones the most. Yeah, maybe they’re a bit heavy on the salt, but they’re not too bad.

So what else is there?

Here’s our criteria:
• Easy to hand back to the little guys from the front seat, whether the distributor is the passenger or the driver.
• Minimum of mess.
• No sticky fingers.
• No refrigeration needed.
• Light on the sugar; no corn syrup allowed.

Suggestions, anyone?

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