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Because everybody loves a carnival…


Welcome and step right up to the weekly Carnival of Family Life!

Because it’s a carnival, I figured, what better theme than … a carnival? So enjoy the rides and concessions and read some articles, while you’re at it.

rollercoaster2.jpg<h3>The roller coaster … a.k.a. Education</h3>

Cate3 presents Powerful Learning Trick – the continuing saga posted at Why Homeschool, sharing one way we can “help our children develop a more powerful memory.”

Elaine presents 3 – Stories, Songs and Rhymes posted at Littlesheep Learning.

Angela Norton Tyler presents 10 Ways to Make Certain That Your Kids Hate School, Become Lazy & Dependent Learners, Drive Their Teachers Crazy, & End Up Living in Your Basement Until They Are 40 posted at Homework. Dinner. Life., a story about doing too much for a daughter.

Mark Montgomery presents How Good are Advanced Placement (AP) Courses? Are They Worth Taking? posted at Great College Advice, offering “tips to ensure that AP courses are as good as they should be.”

Marjorie presents The Good Stuff Off the Spoon posted at Life Without School.

Hsidea presents Building Friendships Through Homeschool Groups posted at Homeschooling Tips.

<h3>The house of mirrors … a.k.a. Family Finances</h3>

Jason presents Do You Pay Your Kids an Allowance? posted at The Frugal Dad.

Raymond presents Explaining Why Financially Independent Men Rarely Call Their Mothers posted at Money Blue Book.

Matthew Paulson presents Time to Clothe the Kids Again posted at American Consumer News.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents Beat Retail Stores At Their Own Game With These 5 Tips posted at Discover Debt Freedom!

<h3>The concession stands … a.k.a. Family Health and Wellness</h3>


Shaheen Lakhan presents Acknowledging Vaccination Concerns, posted at GNIF Brain Blogger, saying, “When it comes to parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, a study reports two types: Radical (refuses everything) and reformist (selectively opt out of certain vaccines).”

mom & dad presents Mycoplasma, Strep, and Antibiotics, Oh My!, posted at raising4boys.com.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Exercise Your Brain in the Cognitive Age, posted at SharpBrains, described as “reflections on key questions on brain health to which politicians, health policy makers, business leaders, educators and consumers should pay attention.”

Linda W. presents Signs And Symptoms Of Dust Mite Allergies, posted at The Eclectic Female, explaining “how to tell if you might be suffering from dust mite allergies.”

The Push Up Coach presents Building Strength With Pushups, posted at The 1000 Push Ups Club discussing the many benefits gained from regularly doing push ups.

Vera Lang presents Community Disaster Preparedness Tips – Plan Ahead of Time, posted at Be Safe Insure.com, sharing 10 disaster preparation steps to help you and your family.

Aparna presents Good things about the sun posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, asking, “Should you avoid the sun? Isn’t there anything good about the sun or sunlight?”

Sally Thompson presents Team Effort: 50 Tips and Resources for Couples Losing Weight Together, posted at Nerds Do It Better.

e-Mom presents Family Life: Nutrition For Healthy Kids posted at Chrysalis, taking a look at “five key focus areas.”

<h3>The freak show … a.k.a. Family Humor</h3>

Riley presents Post Mother’s Day Wrap Up, posted at All Rileyed Up</a>.

Erica presents Captain Toilet Bowl, posted at Tales from the Tracks.

Stacey Hoffer Weckstein presents It’s Not About the Cupcakes, posted at createabalance.com.

Rose presents Just call me Mom, posted at Learning at Home.

Terri Mauro presents Twenty Things I Learned Reading Children’s Fiction, posted at About Parenting Special Needs.

Laura Scarborough presents If it’s like a heat wave, why am I freezing?, posted at Adventures in Juggling.

<h3>The petting zoo … a.k.a. Family Pets</h3>

Sahara Reins presents The Basics Needed for Raising Baby Chicks, posted at Fowl Visions.

Matthew Paulson presents Vacation Plans and the Family Pet, posted at The Travel Advocate.

Laura presents Bumping Into Jesus, posted at BeutlerBlogger.

<h3>The merry-go-round … a.k.a. Family Relationships & Self-Improvement</h3>

carousel2.jpgSuper Saver presents The Agenda Of The Elderly, posted at My Wealth Builder.

remodelingthislife presents When Life Hands You Lemons, posted at Remodeling This Life.

Metaliphe presents Dreading Family Gatherings?, posted at Chandra Unplugged, offering tips to deal with difficult relatives “before, during and after dinner.”

@Jeremy Neal presents What Moms Really Think About Good Dads, posted at Discovering Dad.

Bill Urell presents Danger: 7 Signs of An Addictive Relationship posted at Addiction Recovery Basics, offering “tips to identify an addictive relationship.”

Alex Blackwell presents 23 Heartfelt Reasons I Will Always be Faithful to My Wife posted at The Next 45 Years.

Shamelle presents 8 Stress-Busting, Spirit Lifting, Body-Boosting Ideas To Brighten Your Day With Music, posted at Enhance Life.

Chief Family Officer presents Writing an End-of-Life Letter, posted at Chief Family Officer. He says, “This is a difficult topic, but one that should be addressed in all families at some point.” Very true. To read more about the dire consequences that could befall your family if you fail to make your wishes known — and they disagree about what is in your best interests — visit Robert’s Legacy. Our Carnival Administrator, JHSEsq., secured a victory for her clients in that matter before the California Supreme Court in 2001.

<h3>The tilt-a-whirl … a.k.a. Family Travel and Activities</h3>

tiltawhirl2.jpgSeaBird presents Reverse baby shower wish list, posted at SeaBird Chronicles, offering a “reverse baby shower wish list full of unique and beautiful gifts for new babies!”

Rosemary Rugnetta presents Kids Rooms, posted at Her Home Blog.

Laura Williams presents Plantin’ Season around the Ol’ Homestead, posted at Laura Williams’ Musings.

<h3>The fortuneteller … a.k.a. Parenting Tips and Advice</h3>

Kelsey presents Products for Your 9 Month Old Baby, posted at Vanilla Joy – Family Fun and Education.

Abel Cheng presents Only Child: Making the Best of It, posted at Parent Wonder.

Kevin Heath presents Parenting a Child with Special Needs, posted at More4kids.

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Next Monday, May 26, 2008, will be a very special Memorial Day Edition of the Carnival, hosted at Colloquium.

Participants are strongly encouraged, but not required, to submit posts with Memorial Day or patriotic themes using the form at right not later than 7 p.m. (Pacific time) on Saturday, May 24.

The archive of past editions is located here. If you would like to host a future edition, please review the schedule here and drop a note to JHS letting her know which date works best for you!

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