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On an eating adventure


I’ve lamented before on this blog about how my youngest is such a picky eater. For as far back as I can remember he has refused all kinds of goodies that other kids his age would eat. If it wasn’t crunchy or it wasn’t mushy, Aristu would refuse to eat it with an emphatic “no”. <P> Now, I’m happy to report, he seems to have turned a corner. <P> The other day, he tentatively approached a plate a herbed goat cheese and reached out for it. I, of course, was thrilled and put a small piece in his mouth. He chewed  slowly and his face broke out in a smile. “Cheese,” he said.  “Yummy.”  <P>  Since then he has been willing to try whatever I’ve offered. This past weekend, he ate small pieces of ham, pastrami and salami. He chewed on radish, ate buttered toast and stuffed his face with strawberries and pitted cherries till he looked a bloody mess. He even ate half a one-egg omelette, to my utter delight. <P> I don’t know what has caused the change. Maybe he finally figured out what he was missing. Maybe is just growing up (he is now 21 months old). All I can say is that he now has very happy parents who can’t wait to introduce the world of flavors to him.

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