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The strawberries are ripe


And we’ve planned a family trip to the pick-your-own strawberry farm for this weekend.

It’s not my family, though. tjndc5-5f4w57094brgzkqq5tl_original-3.jpgIt’s my youngest and three of her friends who apparently have never picked strawberries before.

My oldest, rolling her eyes at dinner last night when we were discussing the details, said she was happy to beg off. Picking strawberries is hot, labor-intensive work. My son, home from college for the summer, just grinned. It’s been years since he was hijacked to the strawberry fields, and that’s just fine with him.

What we haven’t decided is how we’ll divvy up the spoils. We may simply divide the strawberries by four and let the girls take home their share — won’t that be a surprise to their parents!

Or we may collect everything, let the girls clean and wash the fruit, and then make jam with the gang, passing out jars to take home once the processing is finished. Maybe we’ll have a pie-making session as well.

Any other strawberry recipes are welcome — is there a good strudel recipe out there we can try? A good strawberry ice cream one?

Photo by Joe Larese / The Journal News/LoHud.com 

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