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Family trips to the grocery store


Personally, I usually enjoy taking the little guys to the supermarket.

Most of the markets near us have special carts that allow more than one child to ride. One market has a little car attached to the front of the cart, which makes it unwieldy, but also fun for the smitchiks. They get strapped in and each has his steering wheel and they “drive” around the market.


Gets a little hairy in making sure that they’re not too close to the shelves — both for ensuring their arms don’t get broken if they stick them out as I turn a corner and for ensuring they don’t purposely sweep a bunch of items off the shelves — but they love it. And the other day they sat in a seat that looked like a small park bench, almost, and they could pretend they were pushing the cart, as I pushed the handle behind them.

The carts are a little difficult to navigate at first, as they’re longer than the standard cart, but it’s worth it to be able to keep both little guys under control.

When Markus was much smaller and Rafael still rather jealous of his “tiny baby brutha,” Rafael and I used to have special dates on Saturday night (ah, the joys of momhood – such an exciting Saturday night) to go to the supermarket. It’s one of the quietest times of the week to go, because the only folks in the store are losers like me and folks running out to get one last thing they need for whatever exciting thing they actually have planned for the night.

We had lots of fun and Rafael got to eat some cheese after I bought a pound of muenster at the deli. Sure, there were occasionally impulse buys that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, but it was usually relegated to animal crackers or, only two or three times ever, bubble bath.

Being a working mom, I don’t get a lot of time to spend with the little guys during the week. And I prefer to be on grocery shopping trips because I’m the coupon queen and actually get a little bit of a thrill from buying toothpaste for a quarter after the sale and coupon. Sometimes I take the little guys by myself to give my husband (a stay-at-home dad) a little break, and sometimes we all go in one big shopping expedition.

Journal News file photo (not of me nor my smitchiks). 

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