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The H2O habit


In the last month or so, Zyla, my 16-month-old, has developed a habit for drinking water or “gwa-gwa” as she puts it (she’s used to hearing agua not water). I usually just fill up her sippy cup and off she goes to quench her thirst. She’s even pretty adept at taking a water bottle and gulping it down with nary a spill.

tjndc5-5b4j5kmuh6pp8br5nb6_thumbnail.jpgHer favorite is drinking ice cold water from her mom’s glass. Believe me, it’s no easy feat making sure the ice cubes don’t escape into her tiny throat.

But all this H2O started me thinking about when is enough enough, especially after noticing that her stools are not as firm as they used to be. I’m not sure how much water intake she has per day since I’m not with her for most of it, but it’s definitely more than a cup.

Adults are usually told to drink 8 glasses a day for good health. A quick Internet search said that toddlers should drink 24 to 36 ounces a day.

Anyone have recommendations or some water tales to share?

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