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Food shopping with kids


Yesterday when I picked my 2-year-old from day care, I decided to swing by my local ShopRite. It’s not that it’s the first time that mom and son have gone food shopping, but it was certainly was one of my best shopping experiences.

In the past when Aristu would ride on the shopping cart my focus would be on stopping him from sucking on the handlebar. Yesterday he seemed so excited by all the colorful offering in the produce section that the handlebar got neither his attention nor his drool.

Instead he stretched longingly toward the tomatoes and plaintively cried, “mom, apple.” Later when we passed through the fruit section he asked for the golden “anana.” The brie and the goat cheese really got him really excited — cheese, yummy — and he even acknowleged the broccoli by saying “boccoli” when we passed my (almost) favorite vegetable. The dairy section perked him up after the dull meat and chicken aisle, and he rocked himself in the seat intoning “mulk, egg.”

I ended up buying many of the items he called out, so impressed I was by his ability to identify the foods. Now all I need is for him to eat them and I’ll be a happy mom.

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