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Remembering school lunches of yore


All this back-to-school talk got me thinking about my old elementary school days and what it will be like when my daughter boards her first yellow bus. She’s about 4 years away from the experience, but I’m sure it will be as memorable to her as it was to me.

In fact, my first childhood memory is getting on an empty school bus and walking all the way to the back and sitting in the last row. When the bus came to the next stop a little blonde girl with pigtails got on and sat in the first row. I inched my way toward her as the bus carried on and that little girl would become my first—and subsequently—best friend until about sixth grade.
tjndc5-5b4p36et5t55tlwanb6_layout.jpgOther school memories include the cafeteria lunches. My favorites included square pizza, chocolate milk in a carton and those small cups of vanilla and chocolate ice cream that I always stirred into a soup with the little wooden spoon that came with it.

Some not so pleasant memories include having an aversion to franks and beans until well into my 20s after a kid lost his lunch on the bus and having to watch chunks of hot dog roll down the aisle. Excuse the visual, but hey, I’ve lived with it all these years.

I don’t know what school lunches are like today. I understand they offer healthier menus nowadays. Anyone care to let me in on what I have to look forward to in, well, four years?

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