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Raising Vegetarian Kids


When we visit India, my kids love to go the local McDonald’s. And it’s not just for the toys.

My vegetarian kids love their McVeggie burger (a vegetarian patty made up of peas, carrots, green beans, red bell pepper, potatoes and onions) and the McAloo Tikki burger(a patty made out of potatoes, peas and spices).

“Why don’t they serve this in New York?” they ask.

We hardly ever take them to a McDonald’s here, except when we are on a road trip and there are no other options along the highway. And then, their choices are limited to orange juice, fries or hashbrowns.

Technically, they are lacto-ovo-vegetarians which includes eating both eggs and dairy products, but no meat or seafood.

My rationale for raising them as non-meat eaters is that I feel this way I am giving them a choice as opposed to making it a matter of habit. And if they should choose to become non-vegetarians some day, I will not question their decision.

But more importantly, I try to make sure their current diet is not lacking any nutrients.

Luckily, there is no shortage of nutritious and healthy vegetarian recipes or ideas for homecooked Indian meals, and most restaurants(except for fast-food chains) have tons of options.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mickey Dees and all the other fast-food chains had healthy vegetarian options?

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