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Kids being right: peelers and scoops version


Like many another adult, I was cooking long before I had kids.

And like many another adult, my cooking habits were formed in part from working with my own mother in the kitchen and in part from experiments on my own.

So I wasn’t all that interested to hear that my youngest was unhappy with my potato/carrot peeler after a semester in middle school. Recalling my own middle school home ec experiences, I knew that the disconnect between what the teacher wants and what reality dictates can be very wide indeed.

I held out for a while, but eventually purchased the potato peeler my youngest demanded. After all, she said, it was a great peeler and she was having to do the peeling anyway. Why not use the one she wanted?

To my great surprise, the peeler really was better than the older ones I used that looked just like the ones my mother used. Live and learn, I guess.

Two years ago, my youngest, again relying on that middle school home and careers cooking course, insisted we needed a cookie scoop. For those who aren’t blessed with a middle schooler, a cookie scoop is like a very small-headed mechanical ice cream scoop.

I didn’t see the purpose, since a table spoon and butter knife or bowl scraper works just fine, but for the holidays I ordered one from a catalogue for a gag gift. They may be available in stores, but I couldn’t find them.

The thing’s a marvel and I had to admit, once again, that my daughter was right.

The scoop broke last weekend during a particularly hard batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, apparently. I wasn’t there. I probably would have suggested they add another egg to the mix or some milk to loosen up the batter a bit. Now I’m looking for a replacement and trying to avoid my youngest’s grin, since she’s now two for two.

My only consolation is wondering what my youngest’s children will insist she change in her kitchen that she’ll have to admit is better than she thought.

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