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A fresh carrot and purple pepper


My husband and oldest went out on Saturday ostensibly to go picking something. I never actually knew whether it was apples,  peaches or pumpkins, which is fine since they didn’t come home with them. It was a nice bonding time between father and daughter and the day was lovely, so they enjoyed the drive.

When they came home, however, they were carrying a small plastic bag and a white bakery box. The box contained a peach pie they picked up at the place where we usually buy pumpkins and apples every fall.

The plastic bag, however, was more interesting from my point of view. It contained one carrot with top and dirt, one tiny purple pepper, a tomato, a large zuchini and a tiny tree of broccoli.

Since it’s still a little warm to make vegetable soup, I wasn’t sure what to do with the selection. What do you do with a single carrot and a purple pepper?

Apparently the pick-your-own farm they found was just like a very large garden, and my oldest happily went up and down the rows sampling this and that.

It called to mind her grandparents, she said. They always had a large garden and they’ve let my children pick fresh vegetables for years. There’s nothing quite like pulling a carrot from the ground or taking a knife and cutting off a piece of broccoli still on the stalk.

So while the harvest season is upon us, I’d recommend taking your children of any age to a pick-your-own farm and let them see where food comes from. It might be a revelation.

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