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A date with a date


We have officially entered the “I want what you’re having” phase. JD could have cleaned his plate, but as soon as he sees either Dad or Mom chow down on something, he’s clamoring for a bite — or two or three. Ahhh…the joys of life with a 20-month-old.

So it was no surprise the other day when JD helped himself to a date from a package Dad left on the desk. What we weren’t prepared for was how much he like it. And how quickly he asked for “mo” while tapping his fingers together (his daycare teaches some sign language to toddlers to help with communication). He packed away 4 dates (the already pitted kind), and would have gladly eaten more if we hadn’t pulled the plug.

The next morning, while putting on his coat, he spied the container of dates — now living on the top shelf of the bookcase on the desk. He began pointing and jumping up and down. He immediately popped the first one in his mouth and began looking for another. This time we stopped at two in anticipation of breakfast in a half-hour.

JD has always liked his fruits and vegetables, but we were truly amazed at how completely he took to the dates. There was no hesitation, no “let me test this out” nibble. Guess I’ll be buying more of this Middle Eastern treat this weekend.

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