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feeding your kids without losing your mind

Origami and dosas


My children are having a fabulous summer so far-—with two doting grandparents who have taken over the reins at home.

Granny (Patti) is a former art teacher, and spends countless hours creating and teaching Origami designs to the kids-—they are now expert makers of star box, parrot, elf, ladybug and numerous other designs.

The kids have also taken to eating proper South Indian fare for lunch—complete with rice, rasam, kuttu,  poriyal etc.  Besides keeping the kids well-fed, my mother-in-law  also has been treating us to many yummy “tiffin” items—some of which I take to my office for lunch!

Today is one such day:-)

Sadly, our feasting days will soon be over—my in-laws are leaving for India in two weeks, and I am dreading the cereal shelf and the cafeteria lunch:-(

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