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ice cream is not for breakfast

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The cookie monster


Joseph may have trouble enunciating words in his ever-expanding vocabulary, but one comes across loud and clear — cookie.

Almost immediately after waking in the morning, he tries to drag me down to the kitchen pantry chanting, “cookie, cookie.” After we walk in the door in the evening, he makes a beeline for the pantry. If I don’t move, he’ll grab my hand and place it on the doorknob as if to prod me along.

If the desired treat is not forthcoming, the 2-year-old temper ignites complete with scrunched up face, red, tear-streaked cheeks, and stomping feet. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve stopped keeping cookies in the house. I’ve been trying to redirect that hunger to more appropriate snacks like fruit, graham crackers or pretzels, but I’m really wondering how long it will be before I can say the word and not have to spell it out!

Photo by Seth Harrison/The Journal News

Chocolate chip cookies made by Missy Chase Lapine of Irvington with whole grain flour, white beans, wheat germ, and half the sugar found in most cookie recipes. Lapine is the author of “The Sneaky Chef,” a cookbook about sneaking healthy ingredients into kids’ foods.

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