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Bread, glorious bread


If any of your kids are like mine, then they love bread. If there is bread in the room, Zyla will stand for nothing else, especially if it’s a crusty baguette.

tjndc5-5b3×22eqrzryvckn6m5_layout.jpgOver the weekend, we went to Port Chester and visited Kneaded Bread, a very cool bakery on North Main Street that has some tasty, if not, creative fresh-baked offerings.

They had about a dozen varieties and I wanted to buy every single loaf in the shop. I ended up purchasing the aged provolone boule, which has the cheese baked right in to it…”yum, yum, yum” as Zyla likes to say when she likes what she’s eating. We also got some chocolate bread, a pecan/cranberry loaf and assorted rolls. Zyla is probably eating some right now.

Kneaded Bread is the type of place you want in your neighborhood.  And while it’s been there for years, I’m only now just discovering it. Unfortunately, I live about 40 minutes north of Port Chester, so it won’t be a place I’ll be stopping in on a regular basis. Anybody know of any other delicious artisanal bread spots in northern Westchester or Putnam? If so, do tell!!!

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Bloggers Unite for Human Rights


For a few weeks now, some of you may have noticed the badge in our blog’s sidebar that declares today as the day that Bloggers Unite for Human Rights.

Several of us here at ice cream is not for breakfast decided to join in, writing about topics that relate to our blog topic, feeding our children.

First off, at 9 a.m., we’ll have Tracey Princiotta writing about food insecurity in the Lower Hudson Valley as the worsening economy puts more families at risk of hunger.

At 11 a.m., Amy Vernon will explain the PB&J campaign and why eating less meat is a good idea not just for your arteries, but for others who are hungry around the world.

At 1 p.m. Marcela Rojas will tell you about Bread Alone, a bakery that a nonprofit in Africa to set up bakeries giving children with HIV/AIDS access to nutritious, whole grain breads.

At 3 p.m., Katie Ryan O’Connor will examine how higher food and fuel costs are forcing school districts around the country to slash critical food programs such as free school breakfasts.

We’ll update this post as the day goes on to hyperlink to each of the aforementioned posts.

Please let us know what you think and I hope we provide you with some (pardon the pun) food for thought.

Posted by Amy Vernon on Thursday, May 15th, 2008 at 7:00 am |